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Art is where the heart is Exhibition

I would like to invite you to my house of art at Droog Design during the month of May for an embracing exhibition.

Bas Kosters Studio will present my latest art projects like
‘Safe Me’, ‘100MJ’ and “JOY’. Together with a little shop, our team working live on new projects and several events planned.

Exhibition May 4th – May 29th
Tuesdays till Sundays from 11:00-18:00


Art is where the heart is“.

My reasons for creating my artworks are to communicate and share my thoughts, stories and emotions with you, so I would like to invite you to my “house” of art. I am creating an intimate art space in which I would like to show you my different projects, about safety, transformation and joy. Some works can be seen here one time only, so be sure to plan your visit.

On May 13th I will present my latest book “100MJ” for which I have organized a successful crowdfunding campaign last year. I am so excited and blessed that the book became a reality trough the loving support of many kind people. The Book contains one hundred portraits based on the image of Michael Jackson and the original drawings will be presented here one time only together as a group. This exhibition is based around this exciting project and is a great reason to celebrate the creation of the book.

On May 15th you can come by at the tattoo flash party to get a Bas Kosters tattoo by nick3xl and kadae.atelier.

Come and visit us!