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Hacking Coolcat

Bas Kosters x Coolcat

My collection “Bas Kosters Hacking Coolcat” was specially made to celebrate the 40th birthday of Dutch fashion retailer Coolcat. Coolcat had an iconic and outspoken history. My collection was the first step in embracing their heritage and, by doing so, glancing into the brand’s future.

Bas Kosters Hacking Coolcat was inspired on their iconic trademarks, and a print-based, funky collection showcasing the best of both brand-identities in an opulent clash. By diving into Coolcat’s archive and history Bas tried to embrace and renew the brand’s visual identity, creating pieces that give oomph to any wardrobe, pieces that you will treasure.

The Hacking Coolcat collection includes hoodies, bomber jackets, jogging pants, t-shirts, skirts and accessories.