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Hey friendly people,


I started a crowdfunding campaign to make a dream come true; publishing my new book ‘100MJ’. A beautiful book about identity with 100 portraits of Michael Jackson

“100MJ” is an intuitive and personal drawing project about the creation of identity, and how we are seen through the eyes of our observers.

The series, drawn on re-used paper, shows the same image in a hundred different variations, showing the possibilities and visions of personality.

Please be part of this dream and support this project by pre-ordering the book, one of the original drawings or choose one of the very nice other options.

Please donate at:

100 portraits:

all original drawings are for sale as one of the options to sponsor this project.
€1000,- including the book.

Size vary around A4- to A3 size.
Make your choice here, email that to us
and order on the Crowdfunding page.
(red dot is reserved)