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Hurray! Hurray! Hurray!!!!!

How sensational and joyful, on dec 7 I have reached my goal, and I can continue to print my beloved book ‘100MJ’. I am overwhelmed by all the support, and kind words, and for everyone who has blessed this project. For everyone involved, thank you a thousand times and for eternity.

What are my next steps?

The first step is making the last choices for the details for the design and printing of the book with the design studio and the printing company, an exciting step! The book will roll of the press in the spring of 2022. We hope to see you at my book launch party, on which the whole series of original drawings will be presented for the first and the last time in the Netherlands. Around that time, we will contact you how you wish to receive your reward, or that you want to pick it up on our event. We will message you as soon as we have more details.

This whole project is the cherry on my cake for the year 2021, thank you for being a part of it!


“100MJ” is an intuitive and personal drawing project about the creation of identity, and how we are seen through the eyes of our observers.

The series, drawn on re-used paper, shows the same image in a hundred different variations, showing the possibilities and visions of personality.

Read more (in Dutch): Volkskrant interview


You can order a limited piesography print of drawing MJ021 and drawing MJ100.

Contact me for purchasing one of the originals.



100 portraits:

all original drawings are for sale to be received after the launch of the book in spring 2022.
€1000,- including the book.

Size vary around A4- to A3 size.

Make your choice here, or contact me to make an appointment.

(red dot = sold)