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Fashion by Bas Kosters

Telling stories with fashion as a language. 

After my master’s degree at the Fashion Institute Arnhem in 2003, my graduation collection was rewarded with the Robijn Fashion Award. Since then I regularly presented new collections till 2014, both during Amsterdam Fashion Week and the London Fashion Week. The final show ‘Dear Sir/Madam: Hope’ was part of an ongoing art project.
I have always approached my collections as a complete story I wanted to tell. A concept where fashion, installations, shows, happenings and art work are combined.

Here you will find a few of my former collections.

  • 2018: Dear Sit/Madam: Hope
  • 2017: My paper crown A/W
  • 2015: Permanent state of confusion A/W
  • 2014: Clowns are people too, A/W
  • 2014: The Munchies, S/S
  • 2013: The Rebellious Shadow, A/W
  • 2012: LOVE “FCK YEAH”, S/S
  • 2012: 12Tree, A/W
  • 2012: That puts the ‘U’ in Ugly, S/S
  • 2011: Fashion Mutant Pret a Porter, A/W
  • 2011: Par-Tea collection, S/S
  • 2010: Living Too Hard Pret a Porter, A/W
  • 2009: Freedom Collection
  • 2008: Mini Dance Collection
  • 2007: Le Salon Explosif
  • 2006: Dans les rues d’Amsterdam
  • 2003: Two teacups and a fryingpan