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UltraSuperNew Gallery

Looking for map of magic place

“Looking for map of magic place” is a series created in Tokyo during a 2,5 month research period. It investigates in depth how it feels to be alone in in a large capitol and work on your own for two months on a subject that is omnipresent in the big city life.

Check here the book with all the artwork.

Bas: ‘Loneliness truly fascinates me. How can you not be alone and still feel alone, or be alone yet not feel alone? Your physical state can be so different from your emotional state; which state holds truth in a situation like this, and does it even matter if there isn’t any?

From a very personal point of view, lead by intimate fascinations and emotions, yet still looking towards the outside world, I tried to capture the different meanings of loneliness.

There is a certain beauty in being isolated, in being in solitude: it leads to gentleness and modesty. I see this reflected in Japanese culture.

I translated my experiences into short yet graphic one-liners about all the different facets of longing for emotional and physical contact. In a bold aesthetic and almost advertising manner, I articulate the emotions of missing, caring and loneliness.’

“Looking for map of magic place was exhibited in a solo exhibition in the UltraSuperNew Gallery, Tokyo, from July 19th until July 26th.