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My house is on juicy street – Exhibition

“My house is on juicy street”

Welcome to Bas his extravagantly soft and sensually weird home, let him touch you with his warm walls. The sex house of visual artist and designer Bas Kosters emphasizes on the tactility of textiles and features the past and future of Bas Kosters textile erotic prints, soft sculptures and erotic narratives. It seems that our sexuality is best kept behind closed doors, because the world is experiencing a new wave of prudishness. Our sexuality is shamed and has no place in our public lives, yet self-expression and intimacy are just so important as is enjoyment.

“My house is on juicy street” in a new installation of new and existing work amongst which “Limpy” sex dolls, “Naked gnome party”, “Guidelines for responsible gay living” tapestries and “Sex sells” Art covers for generic objects. series of three, shopping kart, motorcycle, rubbish container 2022

Part of: Come Alive, Utrecht.


Images: Geert Jan van Rooij