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Nieuw new Babylon at FUSE

Art space FUSE at NDSM curated an exhibition about new myths to give hope. ‘The old myths of heroes and gods no longer fit today’s reality; they are outdated and simplistic. We need new myths that reflect our changed needs, with new characters to help us cope with the rapidly changing world.’

I created an installation of ‘JOY a new world language’:

To withstand the misery of daily life and the sorrow about our deteriorating environment and moral I propose a new visual aesthetic to train our brain in positivity and abundance. The repetition of colors and symbols about care and connection form a mantra to awaken new courage and strength to be the founder of a new JOY reality.

05-04-2024 till 06-10-2024

NDSM-plein 29
1033 WC Amsterdam
OPEN Thursdays till Sundays
12:00 – 18:00