Bas Kosters Original Artwork Sitting Close in the train just to be touched

"Sitting Close in the train just to be touched" is part of the "Looking for Map of Magic Place" series created By Bas Kosters during his residency in Tokyo.
“From a very personal point of view, lead by intimate fascinations and emotions, yet still looking towards the outside world, I try to capture the different meanings of loneliness. There is a certain beauty in being isolated, in being in solitude: gentleness and modesty. I also see this is present in the Japanese culture.”  
“Loneliness truly fascinates me. How can you not be alone, and still feel alone, or be alone and not feel alone? The physical state can be so different from the emotional state. What is the truth in a situation like this, and does it even matter if there isn’t one?” 27x36cm Gouache, Japanese ink and fountain pen on paper

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