Jobe the Joy bear, Daisy

Jobe is the name of the Bas Kosters' teddy bear and is short for Joy Bear. 'Daisy' is a limited edition of 100 and represents the joy of blossoming. The teddy bear for me is a symbol of connection and care and represents the strong connection we can feel towards an object, and how we project our hopes and dreams upon it. I have created an experiment where I used a textile bear as the base for a ceramic bear. The family of bears are lovingly produced by renowned 'Cor Unum Ceramics and Art' in 's Hertogenbosch. Jobe is the result of a research project about JOY, and the manifestation of joyful feelings. The teddy bear plays a leading role as a symbol of transference and generosity. Also available in Pink, blue and black. Earthenware, 46 x 26 x 8 cm.