Original Drawing Bas Kosters-Jobe 64, framed

Artwork, Original drawings
The Jobe (joy-bear) drawings are part of the project “JOY”: an investigation into how joy does or doesn’t manifest itself, and whether this can be fuelled by the creation and experience of art. The teddy bear plays here a leading role as a symbol of transference and generosity. I try to capture this pure joy into these drawings and paintings. At the same time I give them character, emotions and wittiness to make them whole. All Jobe’s are drawn on reused papers I collected like old enveloppes or notebook pages. And framed in vintage frames, mostly together with the original picture or artwork still behind the Jobe.
Gouache, ink and pencil on old paperwork in vintage frame.
16,5 x 24 cm / 24,5 x 30 cm

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