Tapestry from the Communication Tapestry Series #7

An original Bas Kosters Studio tapestry. Made by and at the Bas Kosters Studio in Amsterdam.

 The gentle communications tapestries series is a project that has it’s origin in a series of drawings that was called “gentle maniacs” Gentle maniacs is a series of soft line drawings in blue fountain pen on repurposed papers with portraits of imaginary people with a multitude of face features, amongst which eyes with many tickly lashes. The craziness of all these faces inside their faces, led to the title with the unusual combination of two contrasting words. One other element of the drawings is some unusual choices in placement hairlines and ears, of which some go in the wrong direction.


After this series I created an follow up called “gentle communication” in which I made the same choices in drawing but with a different topic, a multitude of mobile devices, a metaphor for how our attention, and maybe even our personality is chattered by a constant interruption of technology.


I translated the communication drawing quite directly in a series of small tapestries. Every tapestry is an unique little universe with a lively mix of re-used materials, on a layered base of fabrics with active hand-stitching which compress brings together all the textiles as a whole.

mixed textiles 30x40 cm mixed textiles