This p*nis is my friend By Bas Kosters

This penis is my friend Glass object no. 12


These glass penises are a non-toxic encounter with the male reproductive sex organ. I have been creating glass art objects in collaboration with the National Glass Museum in Leerdam since 2016. Creating glass objects gives me an opportunity to investigate the meaning of value within my work, the experience of glass differs so much from textiles. Although the objects have no face, they do have a character. They are from a family but they are one of a kind. During Object Rotterdam 2022 I launched this new series of colorful glass penises. I've always had an interest in sexuality as a visual language. And with this I explore the way we can connect in a new way to the penis as a friend in our daily lives. The objects reassure us that life can be more than we are taught.

size approximately 25-35 cm. All are unique, signed and numbered.  

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This p*nis is my friend By Bas Kosters