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Residency De Lievelinge

The summer of 23’ for me will be remembered as one of sharing and creation. I was invited for an artist in residence period at Camping de Lievelinge. The three week period gave me the opportunity to create new work, amongst which a site specific installation.

For myself the main focus was in developing a new story for my drawing practice. Being in a new and fresh enviroment gives me the opportunity to really dive into something new without too much distraction. I have created a new series of drawings and painting in mixed media on paper and wood panels. The subject is a new friend called “Dinero” inspired on the world of vintage advertising mascots. The artworks were presented in a four hours lasting flash exhibition in the space that I have worked during the residency.

Dinero is the mascot of mascot’s, the ultimate representative of our capitalist society. He is the cover model, the brand ambassador, the celebrity face of the Dinero empire. Buying, selling, and trading, the possibilities are endless in the world of Dinero. Success and fame, sex and sun, eggs, soup and cheese. Indulge yourself in a great portion of what Dinero is serving.

In the first week I worked on three textile art pieces for the public space. Three majestic coats, a project I called “castles for the soul”. The three objects embodie an expressive energy and are made of collected materials from my studio in NDSM in Amsterdam. With so many projects I have rest materials, I always try to find a porpoise for the fabrics I treasure so much. With the help for my assistants and some friends form the campsite, we created these textiles Kimono style  objects that for reflect the importance of feeling at home, these could be residency’s for our bodies.

Vision project.
Together with guests of the campsite we have worked on a communal textile project. For three afternoons we came together to create, and indulge in a moment of paying attention to the textile materials, but also to  each other. The subject of the art piece is the eye, the object with which we observe and enjoy. The outcome was very surprising en exciting. The project is yet to be finished and will appear somewhere again in the future.