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Exhibition Amsterdam Museum

Safe Me Installation in the Amsterdam Museum

Sense of Place, the theme of this first edition of Refresh Amsterdam, is about how people relate to a location. The twenty-five projects chosen for the museum exhibition deal with Amsterdam, but also show that the experiences of individuals from all sorts of backgrounds, networks, and traditions often transcend cities and national borders.

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The cone, how generic it may seem, is my fellow resident in this city, together with them I experinece my life in Amsterdam. What is their meaning to me, and can I portrait those emotions?

I want to show the depth of something that might be overlooked, whilst their beauty is so evident. Can we look with a new vision to these generic objects? and by that learn new ways to look at amsterdam and it’s resedents? I want to try to uncover the romantic and sensitive soul of this lifeless object.

I have a strong fascination for objects, and experience a strong emotional connection with the objects in my surroundings.

Coming to Amsterdam I would rummage the streets for treasures, materials for my work.

My fascination for Traffic cones is an ongoing fascination, with this project I want to give words to that underlying attraction. I have realised during my travels that objects and houseplants in the City’s perifery give me a feeling of comfort and safety.