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Transactions Amoureuses

Art and Money have always been in a complicated relationship. Artists Bas Kosters and Dadara will explore this theme in the place where love, passion, and money/commerce meet: the Red Light District.

They will do so in one of the infamous red light love-making/sex-worker rooms (peeskamertje), where on the 20th of June they’ll collaborate in a safe way using money to create art.Does selling your art mean you’re selling your soul, or is it merely an example of creative entrepreneurship? Does earning a lot of money from your art make you a sellout or a blockbuster artist drawing in big crowds of admirers? Does money more generally speaking lure you into doing those things you’d rather not do or can it enable you to actually follow your passion? The result of this special collaboration will be released this autumn at the 10 year anniversary exhibition of Amsterdam Street Art: Naar de Gallemiezen, an Amsterdam love story. Bas Kosters is represented by Kersgallery Dadara is represented by KochxBos Gallery Amsterdam.Visitors can view the artists at work through the window, but can not enter and because of the COVID19 virus we ask everybody watching us to keep a safe distance from each other. Stay safe and creative!