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The Future Should Always be Better

17 December 2023 – 18 February 2024
Location: NDSM Wharf (outside) and NDSM Warehouse (inside)


A monument for humane kind

‘It’s Me’

‘It’s Me’ is a monumental statue of a hybrid creature on a pedestal. Many monuments consist of heroic men on horses, thus confirming the power structures of the time. But everyone can be a hero, outside the normative thinking that often forms the basis for monuments. It also offers reflection on current society; ‘It’s Me’ captures the tension between the spotlight era of the individual and the need to shake up old systems, power relations and dominant positions, but also questions whether individualism is a sustainable solution. The idea of objectifying individuals is an underlying theme, the subject interests me as an artist, therefor I wanted to celebrate ownership over one’s own sexuality and body and create an ultimate plaything, Baby let’s ride!

You will find the statue in the middle of the impressive NDSM ship wharf among other great artworks by p.a. Elsemarijn Bruis, Maarten Baas and Koos Buster.



Photo: Gert Jan van Rooij