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Ceramic work – Under the resting clouds

In 2022 I worked at an artist in residence at the EKWC (European Ceramic Work centre) in Oisterwijk.

Here I worked with ceramics for the first time and made objects in various techniques that are in line with the themes I have been working on for a long time. Working with ceramics enabled me to find new manifestations for my artistic voice. The objects have a mystical quality that, in combination with the figurative naivety of my work, enter into a sensitive symbiosis.

The complete collection ‘Under The Resting Clouds’ is shown at Galerie BART in September and October 2023.

The residency is made possible by: Europees Keramisch Werkcentrum, Stichting Stokroos, Prins Bernard Cultuurfonds, Stichting Hanzefonds, Werktuig PPO.

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With the series ‘Brut cute’ I wanted to apply a speed and wildness to the ceramic process that refers to the energetic aesthetic of artists from the mid-20th century, such as the artists of the Cobra movement.
Where they often draw inspiration from foreign cultures, I also draw inspiration from our Western consumer society. With a cartoonish appearance, and a resemblance to toys from my childhood, I have also tried to convey a softness in the hardness and heaviness of the material. The objects that have detached attraction and an expression that people can connect with in a personal way. This softness also protest against the heteronormative dominance in art history, and of thatin contemporary art too, and the need to label artists and their work.


Series of unique objects, vary from 29 to 50 cm.


For my JOY research project I made a ceremonial set in red clay. This set can be used during an art event, but is also suitable for a moment of personal contemplation for the viewer. Wishes, commemorations and aspirations are possible ways for the viewer to experience the ceremonial set. The aesthetics of the figures are fluid and somewhat unsupecting, and a direct translation of the naive sketches I made to achieve a certain looseness.
The wishing well as the center piece is a very important piece for me that represents childlike happiness and faith. The fantasy that wishes can come true is such a hopeful thought that I find it wonderful, and testimony to the good-naturedness of the human spirit.


Series of unique objects, vary from 40 to 70 cm.


The ‘Bear loving man’ represents for me the special connection of man to an inanimate object, the teddy bear. The great emotions and connection people give to the object are represented here in a great embrace.

Teewee is a character that has been evolving ever since I started painting him on pillow dolls when I was a student at AKI in the year 2000. Every time he returns to my work, his personality and significance grow as well. Sometimes I’m not sure who Teewee actually is, is it an alter ego? Teewee is a phonetic name for the figure that has a head shaped like an old television, and I keep getting to know him a little better. In this image where Teewee almost seems to emerge from the ground, a whole new idea about its origins opens up; is Teewee my creation at all or an expression of heavenly existence? As Teewee grows up and develops more and more into a layered and varied personality, there may still be fertile ground for the idea that he could be a self-portrait.


Unique objects. Bear loving man 46 x 38 x 24 cm, Teewee 48 x 34 x 23 cm.


Material, and how we value it is something that concerns me as an artist who works with textiles. The softness and transience of textiles is something that attracts me, but which also has consequences for how the viewer appreciates a work of textiles. Other materials such as glass, metal, or other heavy materials seem easier to convince people of their value. These ceramic wall artworks have my bear of joy as their subject; Jobe, and are a ceramic representation of a once textile starting point. The illusion of fabric in a heavy and fragile material puts our ideas about value in a new daylight. Jobe, short for Joy bear is a new subject in the world that I create with my work, and part of my JOY research project.


Jobe is made using a press mould and each is glazed by hand.

59 x 33 x 10 cm