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Terrada Art Complex Japan

My international face

Terrada art complex 13th of June – 30th of June 2019

Bas Kosters, Dutch artist and designer, presents debut art show in Tokyo at Terrada art complex.

In his debut art show in Tokyo, Bas presents a selection of works under the title ”My international face”. The show is focused on the depiction of the face, and is comprised of textile art and drawings. Debuting here is a new series called “100MJ”, a drawing project with a hundred portraits of Michael Jackson.

“Tower built for find soul” is created in Tokyo using traditional tenugui as a base for printing. I wanted to create a series, with slight variations, like an edition work but still unique. The pupils are the things that bring to my characters, to play with their function brought to new ways to bypass normal creative choices and create new unexpected visions on the face as a creation.