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Open Space Contemporary Art Museum

Oscam x Bas Kosters: “Tranen zijn de glitters van het leven”

“Tranen zijn de glitters van het leven” at OSCAM was Bas’ first solo gallery show with tapestries and drawings in Amsterdam. The richness and deeper meaning of his work was shown by a large selection of tapestries and drawings.

The public was given access to the world of Bas Kosters, his memories, inspiration, experiment and craftsmanship. This was also the first occasion at which all his tapestries were presented together, including four new tapestries named “Tranen zijn de glitters van het leven”, which translates as tears are the glitters of life.

The tapestries were made out of multi-layered textiles on which freehand-cut figures were artistically sewn. Bas’ love for colours and materials was clearly visible in his work. Fabrics like cotton, wool and silk were carefully selected and collected, every piece of fabric used thoughtfully in the tapestries.

Bas’ work celebrates the value of textiles. Bas aims to create art from everyday materials, to treasure and to keep forever. His artworks are a sign of resistance to our consumer culture where shopping has become a crucial ritual for shaping and transforming our identities.

In the world of Bas Kosters, nothing will ever be discarded and made to last a lifetime. In the “Tranen zijn de glitters van het leven” collection, each tapestry tells its own story. The four new tapestries specifically deal with the re-evaluation of emotions and the role they play throughout the span of our lives.