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Exhibition Rijswijk

Wolzak & Kosters Serious international business

Museum Rijswijk presented the first duo-exhibition of Preta Wolzak & Bas Kosters. Both artists have their own unique worldview: one from self-love, the other from adoration of militant women and their protests against injustices in this world. They are connected by an urgent need to create.

Bas presented tapestries, drawings and soft sculptures, including a new series of works about self-love called “Quest for self-love”. In the exhibition it was shown that Kosters not only has a rebellious side, but that commitment and love form the foundation of his work.

Bas also showed work from the series “Tears are the glitters of life”, in which tears not only symbolize grief, but also demonstrate how important it is to embrace emotions.

Quest for self love researches the importance of self-appreciation at a time when everyone is looking for validation from the outside world.

– Bas